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Pets Notice

West Hotel Puli welcomes pets and the accommodation fee will be charged upon check-in.

Dogs & cats NT$599/pc

VIP pets can move freely in friendly rooms and halls. Owner should read and abide by the following before housing:

Owners (and lodging guests the same below)

  1. ⚪ The number of pets that can be accommodated in each room is limited to 2 (limited to dogs & cats).

  2. ⚪ Please be sure to deworm and fleas and bathe your pet before moving in.

  3. ⚪ If pets do not have the habit of urinating and urinating at fixed points, gentlemen must wear a courtesy belt, and ladies, please use diapers to maintain the cleanliness of the room.

  4. ⚪ Pets can only enter designated friendly rooms and hotel lobby, and other non-friendly rooms and floor corridors are not open to pets. When interacting with other pets, the owner should take good care of safety to avoid accidents.

  5. ⚪ In addition to the friendly rooms, other public areas (such as: corridors on the floors of friendly rooms, elevators), please put pets in a stroller or a basket when going out, and please leash when landing to ensure the safety of pets and other guests and hotel service colleagues.

  6. ⚪ Do not leave pets alone in the room unattended to avoid accidents.

  7. ⚪ In order to make every guest staying comfortable, pets are not allowed on the bed.

  8. ⚪ If the pet will bark in an unfamiliar environment, please try to appease the pet to avoid affecting the rights of other tenants.

  9. ⚪ Please dispose of pets immediately after defecation around the hotel or in the room and toilet, and provide a comfortable environment for the next pet guest.

  10. ⚪ Parents are solely responsible for the behavior of pets. If pets cause damage to the hotel or in-room facilities, or attack and cause injury to people, or violate the terms of this check-in guide, owners must be responsible for subsequent compensation.

  11. ⚪ For pet beds, food bowls and other non-gift pet accessories provided by the pet project, if you bring them back by yourself, owners must pay according to the price.

  12. ⚪ If you find pet hair on the bed or defecate in the room after check-out, the cleaning cannot be completed within the day, and the original room price will be charged for one night. If bed sheets, quilt covers, pillows, throw pillows, etc. or room facilities are bitten by pets, resulting in unusable use, compensation shall be made according to the price.

  13. ⚪ Please abide by the above "Pet Check-in Instructions" to protect the rights and interests of each guest.

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